Putting on A Happy Face Can Work ..

We all feel insecure about our body image, none of us are perfect. But I’ve found the trick is to make the most of what you’ve got and put on a happy face!
At what age did I feel my best and confident of my body image? You’d think I’d say in my hey-day as the Green Goddess on breakfast telly 30 years ago, when my slinky body was held up as the picture of health. But no! Not only was I insecure about my lack of curves back then, but I was soon to be diagnosed with cancer which was to challenge my self confidence.

Love Later Life

It’s time for a reappraisal of ageing. Recently there has been a lot in the daily papers about research from AgeUK which found that more than ¾ of adults are looking forward to living longer. However, 9 out of 10 feel strongly that something needs to be done to ensure quality in later life plus a change in the negative view of getting older. It concluded that a positive attitude to ageing appears to be the key to enjoying longevity.

Feeling Stressed? Then Find A Hobby And Learn to Relax!

Far too many of us living in large cities or busy communities find ourselves leading fast and furious lives. With ever more competitive working conditions some run the risk of becoming stressed, anxious or depressed resulting in a decreasing quality of life, sleep disturbance, drug and alcohol abuse, and poor performance. Stress can, and will at some point in many peoples lives take a heavy toll on our minds and bodies, with acute stress having an adverse effect on our health. Stress can suppress our immune functions and lead to a possible increase of infections and ailments, including hypertension, digestive disturbances, heart disorders and other distressing conditions which could shorten our life expectancy.

Arm Exercises

Before starting any exercise programme check with your doctor if you suffer from heart disease, have high blood pressure, joint problems, back problems, if you are very overweight, have a serious illness, or are convalescing.
Check out location and surfaces before performing any exercises in your home or out in the garden.
Check that surfaces are not wet or slippery
Make sure you are warm enough, wear layered loose clothing, which can be discarded as you hot up!

Body Brushing

Why not give yourself time for a treat, time to refresh your body and make your skin miraculously smooth and glowing? No need for expensive spa treatments or therapies, just a few minutes of your precious time in the privacy of your own home. Dry body brushing will improve dry and tired looking skin and give your sluggish circulation a boost. It will encourage the lymphatic drainage system and help flush out toxins in your body and disperse excess fluids. Dry body brushing is an important part of skin maintenance, especially in the summer time when more of your body is exposed to the elements.

The Benefit Of Being Active

An interesting hobby or taking part in a sporting activity not only benefits the body and mind, but also is a great opportunity to interact with other people and make new friends. Sport can be therapeutic it reduces tension, makes you sleep better and releases pent up emotions and it provides the opportunity for social contact, which can goes a long way to lifting the spirit. Participating in an activity with a friend is doubly enjoyable as it helps keep a focus and provides encouragement, one to another. Playing sport has the advantage of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and therefore, physical independence into older age. Although all activity is beneficial, not all will improve body strength, stamina or suppleness to the same degree.

Faith & Comfort

At some stage in their life most people find themselves questioning their reason for existence, and many will have searched for years for an answer to the mystery of life. By exploring the religions of the world throughout their life some will have found what they were seeking for and can finally take comfort and guidance from their religion. Others discover their inner self along the way, and their faith gives them the courage they need to face life’s many difficulties. Church, Synagogue, Temple, Mosque and religious meeting places of all religions and faiths, are venues not only for spiritual guidance, but also valuable sources of friendship, companionship and support, especially for those people who find themselves alone in the world.

Adult Education

Education at any age is important and all kinds of learning are stimulating. Whether it’s through formal education or informal programmes learning can prolong active life and promote a confidence and belief in your abilities to handle the demands of later life. Life is a series of challenges and from these challenges we learn. It’s never too late to learn and age should be a barrier to learning. When we improve our talents, develop our skills and learn to communicate, we have more to contribute to life. Through education and by opening up our minds to new ideas we have the opportunity to continue growing within ourselves despite the restrictions that life imposes on us. With the advance in technology this has never been truer. Even for frail people, physically or mentally disabled confined to the house or chair, it is still possible to access information and improve knowledge and understanding. Today information can be accessed not only through books, but also through computers, videos and TV. For many older adults didn’t have the opportunity of learning the basic 3 R’s in their youth due to social and economic limitations this could be the time of life to indulge in re-education. Today there is so much scope and so many facilities for learning – whatever one’s interests or capabilities may be. This could be the perfect moment, the one you have been waiting for – so why not take the plunge and try learning something new.


I suppose the aspect of ageing that makes a big impact on many of our lives as we get older, is the fear of not being able to continue working and making money any more. For many it’s a depressing thought, the realisation that you’ve had your chance in life, you have got as far as your talents and opportunities would allow, and from now onwards its downhill all the way. The official end of our working life has an enormous impact on daily living, attitude of mind and self worth. Retirement marking this end, whether voluntary or involuntary, can cause some people despair, frustration, and panic at the thought of a future without structure and reward for efforts. Others regard their release from the constraints of the job as an exciting challenge, and can’t wait to put their new-found freedom to work for them. At the time of writing the age of retirement stands at 60 years for women, and 65 years for men, but this is in the process of changing and will become 65 years of age for women too – bringing them into line with men.


Stress used in a positive way is what top athletes and performers use to enhance their performance. With their healthy attitude stress for them is exciting, life-enhancing and enables them to achieve their goals. But the negative aspect of stress can lead to physical and mental illness and can put our bodies into a state of turmoil. We need to recognise stress and stressful situations and learn to control stress if we are to enjoy the rest of our lives. So many of us waste time and effort when we allow ourselves to become worried and stressed – as I know having previously been one of the world’s worst worriers! My mother used to wisely say, “worry is the interest you pay on trouble before it comes” Worry is wasted energy and we need to learn how to plan our lives to avoid stress. We need to discover ways to relax – to chill out – in order to combat stress that we cannot control ourselves. But how do we recognise stress, and what can we do to help ourselves cope with it?

Facefit (& Beauty Bonus)

For over 40 years I have worked within the exercise and fitness world. For many of those years I was also employed a fashion and photographic model. The work was demanding, but it enabled me to travel to locations and destinations all over the world, which I might otherwise have never seen. Throughout all the years I religiously looked after my dry, sensitive skin. A good figure and a glowing skin are prerequisites for a successful model. In 1980, at the grand old age of 40, (ancient for a model) I was delighted to be chosen by Oil of Ulay to appear in their UK and European TV advertisements for their classic pink moisturising lotion, which I can even remember my grandmother using! Imagine how flattered (and amazed) I was when, 9 years ago, at the ripe old age of 55, I was selected to launch Oil of Ulay’s new range of moisturising creams, specifically designed for MATURE skin! I became “the face” of Oil of Ulay’s Pro-Vital range of skin care products and appeared in extensive TV, newspaper and magazine advertisements world-wide for several years.