Davina Mackail


Davina Mackail is a Healthier Home Expert – reading and interpreting our home environment to help teach people how to create healthy living and work spaces.
Our homes [and our physical environment] influence our psychological health and well being. Changes made to our physical presence affect our mental state, happiness and success in our own lives – allowing our own ‘inner magic’ to blossom. Davina Mackail’s ambition is to ‘release that inner magic’ in everyone!

Davina’s TV credits include: – Ann Maurice, Five’s House Doctor; ITV1’s This Morning and Five’s “Design for Living” and has gone on to teach “feng shui for buying and selling property” for Ann Maurice.

We live in a time poor world, but we are all striving to achieve inner peace – Davina shows us how to unlock our own power. She is a Master of Neuro linguistic programming, hypnosis and time line therapy. She is a qualified nurse and counselor trained in Feng Shui, shamanism, space clearing and geomancy.

Davina has piloted her own format TV shows :- ‘House Reader’ which ‘reads the sense of success [or lack of it] in ordinary people’s homes – and changing them for the better and ‘The Healthy Home’ show with Liberty Bell.

Davina’s writing credits include “Do it Yourself, Psychic Power” by Natalia O’Sullivan.